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Laparoscopic Management of Biliary Stone Disease

Various Advances
Management Protocols
The Techniques
Mngt of Complications
Outcome Analysis
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Laparoscopic Management of Biliary Stone Disease
Table of Contents

The management of biliary stones diseases has dramatically changed with the advent of the Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. It has now become a true outpatient laparoscopic procedure with negligible morbidity.

In the past few years, our surgical team has designed and revised numerous management protocols for various clinical settings effectively achieving impressive improvements in our surgical performance for the treatment of biliary stone diseases. This chapter will describe these management protocols and our latest technical updates.

Various Technical Advances
Management Protocols and Guidelines
The Laparoscopic Techniques
Management of Acceptable Complications
Cost Analysis

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Procedural Videos
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> Standard Lapchole - Acute-789

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> LapCBDE TC -3670

> LapCBDE-AC -7982

> Lapchole w CDC -32090

> Lapchole with SURGICON Clip Applier - 38003

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